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Hey, I was just wondering if there were any who will be applying for either GTCC or FTCC nursing program. I took and passed my TEAS exam this past friday and i'm sooo happy since it's one hurdle... Read More

  1. by   nyanbensmommy1
    good to know.. thanks. It seems like they gave you guys a good time frame to get all of this stuff done.. so if they don't do it it's really on them.
  2. by   nyanbensmommy1
    I got my letter today.. I'm an alternate. They accpeted points from 157.1-191.1. so i was 2.9 points away from acceptance... i'm hoping my chances are still good for getting in. The letter said they will not be calling alternates until after the 1st of july give them enough time to turn in there medical forms and all.

    So i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. by   jha8966
    Congrats!!!I hope that you get in!!! Keep us posted!
  4. by   MotivatedOne
    Quote from tmgordon
    Yes , it is.You will not be able to work full time.This program takes up all your time .
    I'm going to have to disagree with you. I'm currently in the nursing program at GTCC. I started Fall 2010 and I've been working full-time (which is 30-36 hours a week at my job) ever since. For the most part, I've been working 12 hour night shifts every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so I wouldn't say it's impossible to work full-time as a nursing student. For some of us it's mandatory, not optional. Unfortunately, you may have to sacrifice having a social life. I will agree that the nursing program is intense and a lot is required of you. I honestly feel as if I'm in an accelerated BSN program rather than a traditional ADN program. You just have to have good time management skills. Two semesters and an 8 week summer session left to go...May 2012 can't get here soon enough!

    Good Luck to Everyone!!!
  5. by   hopefulrealist
    Hi all,

    I know that this reply is months late, but I am trying to apply to FTCC for Spring 2012 (at best, though I really doubt I will cut it) or next fall.

    Here in lies my confusion: This will be a second degree for me. I already have a BA in English and because of that degree I have taken many upper level English, PSY, SOC, COM, and humanity courses. I have not taken A&P or micro, naturally, because I didn't have to (and I am planning having to take those first in order to become a more competitive applicant). BUT, I am really confused about how my courses will earn me points, if at all. For instance, I placed out of "intro to PSY" in college and went straight to an upper level course--but FTCC wants "intro". Do I get credit for what I have done? Needless to say, I also did not take a lot of lower level English courses--because I didn't have to! Do I get credit for something in the 200 level or above? I have tried to get someone to explain this to me over the phone, but they will or could not. It would hardly seem fair that I could be academically penalized for not having taken the more "basic" courses that FTCC considers "related".

    Has anyone else encountered this kind of scenario?? I am reading posts from individuals having 80+ points going IN to the application (before the TEAS). If I am not earning any sort of "point" credit for what I have done, there is no way I will have anything close to 80 points. The department chair that I spoke to seemed to not be very concerned about this, reminding me that you don't HAVE to have taken any of the "pre-reqs" before application--but it seems like everyone has, so I WILL need to!

    Confused and becoming discouraged!

    I'll take all the insight I can get!
  6. by   zburke24
    I would go talk to the dept chair in person and see if she will sub the upper level courses for the lower level ones....seems like that makes sense - the 2 English classes and PSY courses should work, the only one I think they may want u to take specifically would be dev PSY unless u have something similar?? I was in the same situation with gtcc before I decided on ftcc and they were going to use my upper level computer courses for my outdated lower level courses on their pre-req list
  7. by   hopefulrealist
    zburke24, thanks for your input! That's exactly what I was thinking; hardly seems fair otherwise, right?
  8. by   nyanbensmommy1
    also, even if you are in the 70's points wise you can still do great on the TEAS and still be competitive as those who have points in the 80's, because they might get the required score but maybe not as high.. so stay positive.
  9. by   dghon
    Okay, I had a similar situation. I already have a B.S. in Psy, so you would think that I would not have to take PSY 101 (i.e. Freshman Psych, no matter how you label it). Well...I did. I also had to retake several other classes that were too old. I could have clepped (challenged) some classes, but therein lies the rub. If you clep a course that is on the points list, then you don't receive points for it.

    So the bottom line is that you will first have to get all your transcripts to Forsyth Tech AND they will have to be evaluated. You also will have to get your High School transcripts.

    Once they arrive, you can speak to an admissions counselor. Until those previous courses are evaluated though, you are pretty much stuck. You cannot even be admitted to the college until those transcripts arrive.

    The cut-off to apply to the Spring nursing program is Sep 29th. So to even be able to apply, you are going to have to hurry. http://www.forsythtech.edu/uploads/6...u-December.pdf

    Once your transcripts are evaluated, see what you still need to take. http://www.forsythtech.edu/uploads/d...ADN-packet.pdf

    I think what is really going to stop you at this point is that you also have to have your transcripts in before you can take the TEAS test (look at the Assoc Degree Nursing link above). At this point you most likely will not have time to sit for test before the Spring ADN applications are due.

    Your best bet is to probably get everything together and apply for next Fall; cut-off is Mar 1st. BUT, there is a down-side to that also. The classes that count for points must be completed before the ADN application is submitted. So even if you are taking the required Anatomy course in the Spring, those points still will not count towards your ranking. (Again, see the link above for a detailed explanation.)

    Finally, there is one more thing I would suggest. If you have been out of school for some time, I would take a biology refresher before attempting Anatomy or Physiology. I received very high marks in Bio and Chem 20 years ago. I fell flat on my face when I tried to jump right back into Physiology. I took BIO 094 at Forsyth before I attempted Anatomy again, and both classes were very easy to handle.
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  10. by   jha8966
    How's things going? Everyone overwhelmed yet?
  11. by   sportigirl03
    Could one of you please tell me if your acceptance letter had a range of numbers on it from what was accepted?