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Hi! I was wondering if anyone was going to apply to ECU's Alt Entry MSN program this Fall for a Fall 2013 start! I originally was going to apply to Duke's program, but after a lot of research... Read More

  1. by   JDenis94

    Congrats on getting accepted--to both places! And in total selfishness, I hope you do decline! (I'm on the waiting list.) Anyone else hear anything?
  2. by   AllieShea
    I received my letter yesterday, wait listed as well.
  3. by   TMoore17
    Well I got my letter today and didn't even get waitlisted. I called and was told that my 3.82 GPA and 299 GRE score was not high enough to make the cut. Told me that I interviewed great, "it was just really competitive".
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  4. by   JDenis94
    Sorry, TMoore. It seems like programs have gotten even more competitive in this economy. I was certain I'd get an interview at Duke (although I wasn't certain I'd ultimately be accepted), and I didn't even get that. I hope we all find our spots!
  5. by   TMoore17

    I'm not sure if I shot myself in the foot because I said I wanted to go the FNP conc. They know they will only get 1 year tuition because of the DNP program and them not offering the master FNP anymore.

    Who knows, I spoke to the person who interviewed me and she said, "I don't feel comfortable talking about much more", when I questioned my GRE scores being too low.

    She said average was 306 GRE, well then I would expect some people had higher and some lower. She didn't say 306 was the lowest score.
  6. by   KJohnson2013
    I know they give priority/preference to people who have no pre-requisites or the least number of pre-requisites left to take at the time of the application. Maybe this could explain some of their decisions??
  7. by   KJohnson2013

    They haven't asked for a deposit yet. They have only asked that people respond with a yes or no to the acceptance letter by March 28th.
  8. by   scmceach
    I didn't get in, they said my GPA wasn't high enough, which I kinda figured that anyway, my gpa was about a 3.3. Oh well, I tried, I'm applying to a lot of other BSN programs and NCCU's ABSN so I hope I get in there
  9. by   JDenis94
    Thanks, KJohnson. I'm hoping maybe as people start notifying, they will start working their way down the waitlist instead of waiting until March 28. It's good to know that it could be that long though
  10. by   steve21021
    I got a letter that said I could reapply for free even though I was declined for the upcoming term within the year....? Huh? Anyone else get this type of letter?
  11. by   JDenis94
    Anyone from the wait list hear anything?
  12. by   ncnative2
    Declined my offer today. I wish everyone the best of luck!
  13. by   JDenis94
    I've been accepted! Can't wait! Anybody else having to figure out housing?