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  1. I am seriously thinking about relocating from Florida for more job opportunities. I have been a nurse for 14 years with a primary focus on ICU, surgical and neuro. I worked for a large teaching hospital in the past and am back at a community hospital and I miss the academic center tremendously. I have always wanted to work for Duke but am a little afraid the mystic will be ruined. Can anyone tell me what the like, don't like and what salaries are like? I am master's prepared and one day hope to be a clinical nurse leader/specialist in neuro or surgical ICU or progressive care. Thank you
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    I'm disappointed that I'm the first to reply to your post; mainly because I have a similar question! I have lived in Raleigh in the past, and am thinking about moving back to the area (from NY). I have browsed Duke's website but it looks like they don't post salaries, unless I have missed something. I would also like to know how nurses feel about working there. I have been a Duke employee in the past (almost ten years ago), although in the research area. I can tell you that the benefits are great and I was fortunate enough to work with a great group of people! Parking can be an issue, unless they've managed to solve that in the past ten years, which is doubtful.

    I am a relatively new nurse with less than one year of experience, though I probably wouldn't move for at least another year or two. I, too, plan to continue my education and get my master's a few years from now. Anyone have any input on salaries for someone like me?
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    Hey - my mom works at Duke in Peds Bone Marrow and Transplant and looooooves it! Loves her nurses and is always hiring new nurses!
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    I too am interested in relocating to NC (From Ohio) and working at Duke. I am really interested in their new grad OR program. Any Duke nurses out there that can provide some insight?
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    Hi Kmdanku!

    Back in March, I applied for the New Grad positions. I just heard from Duke to interview on the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant floor. I was so thrilled to hear from them! I am heading there this coming weekend.
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    If you want to private message me I can tell you about the New to the OR program at Duke