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Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!... Read More

  1. by   maspsu08
    I'll be attending on February 22nd. If anyone wants to meet up the night before, let me know.
  2. by   chaparrita
    I would be up to meet up the night before. However, I can't send you a private message. I'm going to see if the phone app will let me.
  3. by   trin22
    Hello, did anyone take any of the prerequisite courses online? Duke School of Nursing's website specifically states that prerequisites can be taken at any university, community college, or online. I hope this applies to science courses as well. Did anyone get accepted with online science courses?
  4. by   JordanLeigh
    Trin22, I emailed the admissions office about the same question. He gave me this list of online courses they accept. These are jjst ones that have been used before.

    "Online Courses:

    VLC :: Students :: Search For Online Courses
    UNC Online
    Marian University | Accelerated BSN Nursing Program | Home
    University of Rochester School of Nursing

    This is just a sample of available options. You can perform a google search to look for schools near to you to go to campus or look up online courses offered at any institution. Just make sure the school is accredited. "

    Hope this helps!!

  5. by   trin22
    Thank you so much for the information. It's so difficult finding the "perfect" online courses if you're applying to more than one school.

    Did you take any courses online?
  6. by   JordanLeigh
    Trin22, I have not taken them yet. I was planning on taking them at NCSU this summer because they are offered in 5 week sessions, so I can take both A&Ps over the summer. I wanted a backup plan though in case the courses become full.
  7. by   mrshamilton
    @trin22 they will not let you take science classes online, I called and asked last week! courses like micro and anatomy require an in-person lab. if you take online classes for those my admissions officer said they won't be accepted
  8. by   AnnieBopannie
    Hi Jenf21!

    Where in Oregon are you from? I'm originally from Roseburg, but moved up to Seattle last year. Where is VCU? I'm still trying to get an answer from the admissions team at Duke about a possible skype interview, but if that isn't possible, then I will try to make it out there and perhaps go and see my other top school as well. Might as well make it worth our while right? Let me know if you decide on going to the duke days and if you find any good deals on plane tickets---they are looking pretty spendy!
  9. by   AnnieBopannie
    Hi OsoBear,

    Thanks so much for your advice. My father is a CPA and I worked at his office for a few years---so I'm also about return in investment as well. I did get into the UW, which is why I'm keeping it as one of my top options, but I am also really interested in Johns Hopkins program, as well as Dukes.

    The logical part of my brain is saying "stay here and go to UW" bc I already am a resident, it's a really good program, and the cost would be cheaper. However the adventurous part of my brain is saying "go out east!" bc I would like to experience a different part of the country, both of those programs are geared towards global health (RPCVS and medical spanish pathway), and are both excellent programs. At this point, it all comes down to the financial aid packets, so I'm waiting to hear back from all my schools. The difference between UW vs Duke and JHU is that UW is a public school so doesn't give away a lot of scholarships whereas JHU and Duke have big endowments, so provide more financial assistance to students....so in the end, both of those schools could be cheaper than UW.

    Good luck with your programs as well! Your career experience as a CPA will help you a lot in the healthcare world :-D
  10. by   JordanLeigh
    Trin22, you may want to call admissions yourself and ask about the online courses. The ones I posted were sent to me from the admissions department and he said they have been used before by students.

    The requriements don't specify that a lab is required. It say 6-8 hours of A&P for example, meaning a 3 credit hour labless course wouldbe sufficient. Although, other schools are probably not going to accept online courses for sciences, so may be better to take them in person.

    I would call and ask yourself of a lab is required.
  11. by   OsoBear

    I lived in Portland for five years and travelled to Seattle many times. I loved the Northwest. But I'd have to say that NC is pretty awesome, too (summers are a bit humid, though). You can't go wrong in either location.

    Good point about scholorships. If you get a good financial package, Duke and JHU may turn out to be less the UW.
  12. by   jenf21
    Hi AnnieBopannie!

    I live in Portland and have for almost six years. I have family in Seattle, though, so I'm up there quite often. VCU is in Richmond, VA, so not too far from Raleigh/Durham (relatively speaking!). I've been looking for good ticket prices--everything seems to be around $350, round trip, but I've just started looking so I'm hoping I can find something a little better. Spendy, but I decided I think it's worth it to visit my top two, as I think I'll have a better feel once I'm able to actually walk around campus, check out the city, etc. It's hard making these big, expensive decisions from far away, but my mantra is short term pain is worth the long term gain. As long as I'm out there anyway... But please let me know what you hear about Skype for sure. And I'm with you--I basically decided it's now or never for a huge cross-country adventure, so that's why I'm looking at schools on the other coast. And I'm also with you in crossing my fingers for a good financial aid package.
  13. by   AnnieBopannie
    Hi jenf21! I just wanted to let you know that Duke got back to me and said that yes they can do a skype interview. I had to be persistent though (a few emails and phone calls). I would be in the same boat with you as far as visiting my top schools on the east coast, but the short term notice and financial means doesn't help right now. Plus right now I'm working full time and taking night courses, so it's hard to be gone for a long time. I hope you have a fun trip out east!