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Hi there- My name is Sandy and I am applying to the Duke ABSN for Spring 2011, just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying? Only 2 months till the deadline and I am trying to get my... Read More

  1. by   brinkallz
    Hi Everyone!

    Congratulations on getting accepted! I am currently in the program. (and love it!) I was reading all the loan issues people are having. I just wanted to suggest the WellsFargo Medcap loan. The offers I received from other companies had a really high interest rate without a cosignor, but the Medcap loan did not require a cosignor from me. It's a graduate student loan which we qualify for since we already have another degree. I actually called WellsFargo (almost in tears) because I don't have anyone to cosign and they offered a 12% interest rate originally. The loan officer was incredibly helpful and told me to apply for the MedCap loan instead at a significantly lower interest rate. I was approved right over the phone. I know several of us have this loan so I thought I would suggest it. I think you may have to be a first time graduate student, but I'm not sure. I would just call and see. Good luck everyone! You will love it here!
  2. by   NMWayah
    i the medcap as well and was declined bad credit and i have no cosigner.. you think they would offer it to me at the 12% rate?

    can u tell us alittle bit about how the program is, clinicals, teachers, classes exams?
    also what apartments alot of teh nursing students seem to be living in.
  3. by   brinkallz
    I'm sorry the MedCap didn't work for you. It certainly wouldn't hurt to call and ask about options. They offered me 12% with excellent credit and a relatively long credit history though. As for the program, it's great! It is everything I thought it would be. I was actually accepted at UNC, too, and I have no regrets about choosing Duke. It's an incredibly supportive environment. Generally, the profs are doing everything they can to make sure all of us succeed. (which is certainly different from the large state university I attended for undergrad.) It's obvious that they are very proud to be part of Duke and want us to graduate and excel in the field, as well. Having said that, it is an incredibly intensive program. It will take up the majority of your time, but you can still make time for other areas of life. You just have to master time management very quickly! I've been out of school for several years so balancing such a rigorous full course load has taken me about a month to figure out. It's still overwhelming at times, but everyone is overwhelmed at times. I think we're all pretty good at helping each other through the stressful days. I am still in my first semester and clinicals start next week so I can't say much about that yet. Although I do really like my clinical instructor and am looking forward to starting. There are also great opportunities to make connections here...health fairs, guest speakers, clinical rotations, research opportunities, etc. As for apartments, I know many of my classmates are at Evergreens at Mt. Moriah, but that's all I really know. I already lived locally about 30 minutes away so I didn't move.
  4. by   NMWayah
    awww thank you so much.... have you had any exams yet? and do you have class everyday, allday? i guess how is your typically weekly schedule broken up
  5. by   brinkallz
    Quote from NMWayah
    awww thank you so much.... have you had any exams yet? and do you have class everyday, allday? i guess how is your typically weekly schedule broken up
    We have had exams. And they do require quite a bit of preparation. I'm not the type to cram last minute, but I would imagine that would be very difficult for these exams! We had 3 exams last week. One was our full head-to-toe assessment in lab. (We had to assess 11 pages of items on our lab partner straight from memory with no assistance, but we all passed on the first try! Luckily, it's pass/fail and you get more than one chance if you fail.) Pathophys is tough, but it's also a graduate level class. Luckily, I've had pathophys before so the material is at least familiar to me. Mondays - Spanish for some, Stats for others unless you take Stats online. We have open lab from 3-6 so you will probably be on campus anyway to practice skills. Tues - 9-4. Wed is 8 - 2:30. Thur/Fri - clinical 7-3 one day and lab 8 - 2:30 the other day. We had lecture/lab from 8 - 12 or 2:30 Thurs and Fri during the month of September. We also have open lab from 2:30 to 4 on Wed. Your weeks will be full, but doable. Like I said, time management is key. There's a huge amount of reading for classes. I have a large dry-erase 2 month calendar on my wall for major due dates (of which there are many). I also have a regular dry-erase board where I write all of our weekly readings/assignments and when I plan to do each one. I'm the kind of person that has to see everything or I worry that I'll forget to do something. Speaking of which...I should get back to studying! I think my mind is ready for Fall Break to start!
  6. by   juvare
    does anyone know the status of the unc admissions announcements? i'm waitlisted at duke and concerned that they have not started pulling anyone from our waitlist yet but hopefull that will make a difference
  7. by   uncstude
    They started notifying people last week, but it won't be official until Nov 8th. I would say right around then people will begin withdrawing their applications from Duke.
  8. by   Yogi Mel
    Hello again,

    I just started UNC's ABSN program this January. I just wanted to let you guys know if you have any questions you can feel free to e-mail me or drop by my blog anytime. I'm going to (hopefully) chronicle this whole Nursing School experience :-) Have a great day!
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  9. by   Tiny elf
    Hello I just got accepted into duke's absn program for January 2013 and am wondering whether to apply to unc or not. I have also applied to mass general in Boston, musc in charleston and georgetown and I might apply to NYu but that seems unlikely. Any advice would be helpful. I'm not a candidate for financial aid I dont think so I would consider doing dukes reimbursement program but I went to undergrad at duke so I'm not sure if I want to move to Durham for another 4 years. I love the city but it just feels very long term right now to think that way. Any thoughts?
  10. by   moggsy
    Tiny elf, the Duke ABSN Spring 2013 thread is right below this one... just redirecting you. For what it's worth, I don't recommend applying to UNC if you are OOS b/c they take so few out-of-staters, and with the recent budget cuts it's hard enough to get accepted as a second degree in-stater. Hope that helps!