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Hi there- My name is Sandy and I am applying to the Duke ABSN for Spring 2011, just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying? Only 2 months till the deadline and I am trying to get my... Read More

  1. by   hakunamatataRN
    Good afternoon everyone!

    My my how I was so delighted to find this thread. I knew AllNurses was large, but was not sure if there would be a specific thread for our hopeful future class. This is great! I just finished my application for Spring 2011 admission, and was invited for an interview about a week later! I will be flying down to the area from Louisville, KY for my interview on August 6th. I am very excited, and am actually a "good" nervous, not freaking out (haha). One of my closest friends lives in Raleigh but I believe I will be staying in a hotel next to Duke so I can get adequate sleep. I am curious as to if anyone else is doing the same - and maybe would like to meet the night before just for a bit? Possibly even get a group of people. I think it would be great to get some people together, even if it is just on here, and we could plan on eating breakfast together (or such). I would love to talk to other students that have taken the initiative to get on here and interact with one another, it makes me happy

    Please let me know if anyone would be interested; I wish the best to everyone who has and is currently interviewing!
  2. by   Yogi Mel
    Sandy H and Spring 2011,

    Thanks so much for sharing! Its good to know that you went in and came out okay I don't know what I'm expecting, but I tend to get nervous, talk fast, giggle, (not very charming for interviews)... Anyway, I feel more peaceful now. I am kind of jealous that you guys have the interviews over with already! I can't wait until we're all waiting in anticipation together Can you believe that we will all probably know in the next 30-40 days??
  3. by   SandyH
    Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to everyone interviewing tomorrow!

    That's me cheering you on! LOL!
  4. by   LawnMowerBear
    I'll be there tomorrow! Can't wait!
  5. by   ncemt
    Best of luck to everybody interviewing today, you guys will do AWESOME!!!
  6. by   spring2011
    I hope today went well for everyone =)
    didn't you just fall in love with the school, program, and the people?
  7. by   SandyH
    So, how did everyone's interview go this past Friday?
    Anything new to share?
  8. by   mass234
    Hi everyone,

    Last Friday went great! I totally fell in love with the school, and would love LOVE to go there. Taking the tour of the Duke Hospital, I couldn't believe I MAY have the opportunity to learn in such an incredible facility. All the faculty seems wonderful too. The interviews were not bad! I felt as if they went by so fast! Also, you were right, not much to stress over- for all those still having to interview- just make sure you have an idea of what ideas you want to get across.

    Overall, it was such a great day, and wonderful to finally see Duke, meet its faculty, as well as many applicants ! Lots of fun.

    M also told us that we wouldn't be hearing decisions until the 16th of August. I know these next three weeks are just going to crawl!

    Oh well, hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

    Hope you're all enjoying your Tuesday!
  9. by   *PaintedSky*
    Has everyone taken Microbiology Lab and lecture?? It's my final prereq, and I find it quite daunting. The Duke Website says LAB Preferred, 3-4 credits.....
  10. by   *elmo*
    Hey guys!
    I was there last Friday as well and it was great! The faculty is all really nice and the interviews weren't bad at all. They ask you the general questions (i.e. why nursing, why duke, what will you bring to nursing etc) and are quite relaxed about it. It looked like they rated you out of 5 for each answer.

    Make sure to use specific examples about your life, education, experience etc. when answering the questions as the interviewers don't have your information in front of them, just your name and degree title.

    The one thing I was really disappointed in was the financial aid session. The financial aid lady basically refused to ballpark the total costs for us to attend the program which I thought was quite weird. However, after talking to the student panel, they estimated it was going to cost about $20,000 a semester (including tuition, living, fees).

    Also, one interesting thing that M said was that this admission cycle is the most competitive they have ever had for the program so they are interviewing more applicants than normal. She said there were ~66-70 spots and ~150 interviews. BUT they send out ~100 acceptances (as they assume some will have to decline) and put ~20 on the waitlist. So really, post interview the chances aren't too bad!

    The waiting is still hard though!!! Good luck to everyone on August 6th!
  11. by   *PaintedSky*
    Oops! Forgot to add that my interview went much better than anticipated. I knew that I would be super nervous, so I am satisfied that I did NOT have a total breakdown mid interview!

    I believe that there are phone interviews being conducted today and tomorrow, and then one last Duke Day on August 6th. The cycle is winding down! Luckily I have a few finals to keep my mind occupied these next two weeks or I would be a mess!

    Any word on how many total applicants/interviews there were this time around??

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL- I think there is room for all of us!

    P.S. I changed my name from tiny dancer incase you are confused!!
  12. by   ncemt
    Sounds like interviews went great for everybody so far, congratulations! I do think there's plenty of room for all of us, based on the threads for the last few application cycles Allnurses posters tend to have a very high rate of acceptance . Thanks for the updated info on when we'll hear the application decision, at least now that we have a firm date I won't be wearing out my computer checking nonstop after the 6th!

    Scary to think this was their most competitive cycle so far, but if ~120 out of ~150 get some version of accepted then I think those are pretty good odds (I'm counting the waitlist because I've heard they usually make it through most of their waitlist and last cycle they made it through at least #12 and probably even higher up than that).

    One way or the other, the next few weeks are going to go by killer slow, I can already tell. Maybe if we get bored enough we can start posting random questions, like why we decided to go into nursing or what we're doing now or what we're looking forward to about living in NC (positive thinking, people! hehe). Anything to make the next 3 weeks inch by just a little faster
  13. by   spring2011
    I'm so glad everybody had a great experience! I'm getting so nervous for their decisions. Now that I think back I do remember seeing numbers listed on a sheet of paper during my interview. I didn't want to stare too much...So I guess they were rating us on a number scale on each question? Kind of scary that it comes down to numbers =/
    My final in my last prereq (Human A&P II) is on the 16th at 8 AM central time...hopefully I'll get that acceptance email at 7 AM central time...It would make me think a little better during the final...I hope
    has anyone watched the new series Boston Med on abc? I think it's pretty interesting and exciting. It does seem that the nurses have better personal lives outside the hospital. It also shows how they put up with Doctors talking down to them...