Detention Center Nursing??

  1. Does anyone know anything about what it's like to be an LPN in a detention center? There aren't many job openings in my area, but this one keeps coming up. I'm a little nervous about the possibility of working with inmates.
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  3. by   JillyRN
    I've worked as an RN for the Department of Corrections. It all depends on what kind of unit they put you in. One position I had was in a small clinic at a moderately sized correction complex. This particular facility was not maximum security and many were in the process of transitioning back into the population. It pretty much functioned as sick call for inmates trying to get out of their daily activities. Some needed immunizations or TB tests to apply to schools or jobs. There were med passes 3-4 times a day where the inmates came to an external window to get their meds. It was a controlled environment and the corrections officers were very helpful if any issues arose with inmates. My complaint was the attitude of the other health personnel. They were unfriendly, bitter, and cut a lot of corners in regards to nursing. I am unsure if this was a product of their time in this environment for so long or because I was an agency nurse working with state employees.
    I also had a position working as a nurse in a runaway shelter for the Department of Corrections. I really liked this position as I worked alone, was able to do a lot of education and counseling to the adolescents and the staff were very friendly and caring. Because of this, I would definitely consider another position with that department just to see how it goes.
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    Thank JillyRN. I did apply but haven't heard back. Though, I just accepted a position with a detox clinic, so I'm hoping this works out well for me!