CPCC Spring 2017

  1. Hey guys!! Is anyone applying to Central Piedmont RN for Spring 2017? The applications open today. I'm taking my Teas and Nurse Aide exam in 2 weeks and will be applying soon after. I hope to meet new people soon!
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  3. by   decarla1
    How did you do?? Im trying to get in for the same semester.
  4. by   NurseAndreaRN
    Hi everyone I plan to take my teas test in July, I know it's close to the deadline but I didn't want to to do it to early and not to late, plus I need to study! I am extremely nervous about the test! Can anybody give me a few tips on how the test operates!
  5. by   britneyalysha
    I am taking my TEAS exam in the middle of July. The deadline is the end of July so I feel comfortable submitting it around that time because CPCC does not expect on a rolling basis. I want to make sure I'm prepared for the TEAS. Also, I am taking my last two preques this summer to have a higher application total.
  6. by   britneyalysha
    Don't be nervous you have a couple months to prepare and do well on the TEAS since CPCC has a minimum score.
  7. by   nursejamestobe
    I got an 82 on my teas.
  8. by   decarla1
  9. by   britneyalysha
    What are y'all getting for a total score in the application? Looks like I will have a 45ish. Is this good?
  10. by   kim0000
    Hello Everyone! I've submitted my application to CPCC for the spring 2017 nursing program. My TEAS score was 82. Hope I get in! Good luck everyone!!
  11. by   kim0000
    I think that is very good! Were your extra points from finishing classes? If so, what classes have you finished?
  12. by   britneyalysha
    yes I am actually finishing up all my prereqs this summer session.
  13. by   kim0000
    Hi! Congratulations! I got an 82 as well on my TEAS! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we all get in! From past posts, I've read that those with minimum passing TEAS scores got in. However, I guess that depends on the number of applicants too.

    Does anyone know how CPCC ranks and stacks their applicants? Such as: Is it by total score only or is it by TEAS score first and then with the other scores taken into consideration if there are too many qualified TEAS score candidates? If anyone has any insight on this it would be much appreciated to hear! Thank you!
  14. by   NurseAndreaRN
    That's great, I will be taking my test next Thursday, I'm extremely nervous but I'll keep you guys posted!