1. hi all!!!

    just wondering if there are any fellow cmas( or moas respectively) out there that have applied to go to nursing school this fall 2009? it would just be great to know who else is trying to make the wonderful transition!:heartbeat
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  3. by   KristenW123
    that would be me!!! I am actually not a CMA yet, but I'm finished with my MA program in april and I have applied to CCHS and Gaston College (LPN) programs for Fall 2009 . I am anxiously waiting for a letter of acceptance/denial!!! Are you from charlotte and if so, where did you go for MA school? I'm at kings college right now which is good and bad- good because its fast pace and I'll have a degree under my belt in 1 year as opposed to 2, but bad because the credits don't transfer. However, CCHS said they would look at my GPA from kings regardless. I'm crossing my fingers! Whats your story?!
  4. by   ncRNBSN715
    Hello KristenW123!!

    First of all, thanks for replying! I went to Mitchell Community College in Statesville, NC then later got certified through the AAMA(American Association of Medical Assistants). I applied to Presbyterian's School of Nursing (ASN) at Queen's University. I work as a CMA now for Presbyterian Healthcare. I've been with them for 2 years now. I hear great things about King's from several of my friends that went there. The only complaint that I hear from them is the cost and transfering of classes. I believe that they told me that the only school that would recognize King's for transfer credit was NC Central. On the plus side though, some healthcare programs look at it as grounds for "experience" in healthcare (so I've been told by those who were in that situation before). Before I went to school to be a medical assistant, I went to CCHS and graduated from the phlebotomy program there. It is a very nice school and a few of my friends earned their nursing degrees from there! I'm crossing my fingers for you too!! This waiting is torture!!

    Keep me posted ok and I'll do the same!!!
  5. by   KristenW123
    update- no letter yet!! i think they are supposed to be mailed tomorrow, but i could be wrong. crossing my fingers ill get one this week- because either way i just want to know!! when are you supposed to find out from PSON??
  6. by   ncRNBSN715
    PSON is supposed to send out letters starting the first week in April! I'm like you, I also have my fingers crossed and I just want to know!