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  1. Hey everyone,
    I'll be applying for Central Carolina's Jan 2010 LPN program next month. I'm currently taking their CNA course as a prerequisite. I recently moved back to NC and completed a ton of medical/nursing (was a Medical Assistant student) classes which helped me earn a 3.50. It *looks* like I'm only missing my CNA....but getting that now. Is anyone applying to Central Carolina or attended in the past? So far I've enjoyed their school and amazing concerns as nursing teachers. Their Harnett County nursing advisor emailed me to say they no longer administor the NET test...instead they do the HOBET.
    Any insight will be helpful! Thank you.
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  3. by   NC Girl BSN
    I went to CCCC LPN program in Pittsboro and graduated in 2007. Its a great program. A girl from Harnett failed out and came to Pittsboro and passed. She said that they are very strict there and all but four failed out of her class that year. Again this is all here say so take it for what its worth. I live in Clayton and commutted to Pittsboro 1hr and 15 min each way. The instructor their was strict but an excellent teacher. I graduated Aug 2007 and enrolled in Excelsior College online and just got my RN license and will start working at Wakemed next week.

    I also don't recommend the RN program at CCCC. They start with 60 and usually graduate with single digits. Maybe it will change soon because they cleaned house and got all new instructors. Good Luck and Study hard!
  4. by   Susea
    Nope the new administration for RN still fails to graduate even 1/4 of the beginning classes. Last I heard from the starting 47 in 2008 only 11 were still in the program, with two more semesters left. Something is terribly wrong with the program, I just hope they can figure out a solution really soon. It takes a lot of time, energy, money and desire to go back to school and to go into a program where your chances of graduating are less that 25% makes no sense at all. Can't imagine how many give up based on this one school.
  5. by   Nicks919

    I am responding to this post a year later, but I am wondering how you made out. Did you get in? Which program did you choose and where are you?