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Hi everyone, I just applied to the nurse residency program offered through CHS. I have a few questions! - How competitive is it to get placed? (Especially into peds at Levine Children's... Read More

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    So, I can't give you any numbers regarding applicants vs hired, as I have never been able to locate such data. However, I can tell you that it varies with each application cycle. For the May 2017 cohort of new grads, they hired more than 70 into critical care. Typically, they hire fewer in December since there are not as many graduating classess that time of year, and some claim that it is less competitive for the December group than for May.

    My advice, definitely apply! Make sure you have the most error free resume possible that markets your talents/experience well and alligns with the instructions they give you (what they want to know about you). Then interview really well. Since I see so many new hires with varied experience, academic background, and broad geographical locations, I think the main factor in getting hired must boil down to how professional they think you are and will you turn out to be a wonderful nurse who is a good fit for their unit. At the end of the day, my philosophy is if you want to be hired somewhere, it can't hurt to try. Worst case, you don't get the job first time round. Go above and beyond if possible by reaching out and networking with people who work there. Email and even call managers if you are able to get their contact information. Really show them that you want to work there and have the initiative to put yourself out there.
    Thank you! I hear it is a lot easier if you have connections, and harder for those coming from out of state. Right now, I don't know many people in the area so I'm not sure how I could help myself in that area. I'm just hoping something about my resume/cover letter will get their attention! But thanks for your insight! You make CHS sound wonderful!