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I was wondering if I can challenge taking the CNA I class in NC? I worked as a caregiver in Minnesota for 3 years up until Aug 2009 then I returned to school for RN. My mother got sick so I moved... Read More

  1. by   MDS:CNAI
    That link should do it for you, when you register they ask you if you want to challenge, I think it is maybe $101 to take the test...but if you need to take a refresher course, just for example Durham Tech has a refresher course that doesn't take long at all, and even their Nurse Aide class is only 3 months and $235 (I just graduated that program). It is really easy, just study the skills book and you will be fine. Good Luck
  2. by   rosemadder
    You can challenge the test. You can also find a private training program that offers skills refreshers as well that are quite affordable. I've seen some for 65.-70. online.
  3. by   macgirl
    I challenged mine. It was close to $500.00 dollars for the Class, with uniforms ect at ACC. The test was the same price, whether or not you took the class. I contacted Pearson Vue and picked a time and place and passed. It went toward my nursing school credit. I just graduated, But I doubt anything has changed.
  4. by   rosemadder
    NC will have some changes in their candidate handbook affective July 1, 2012. They are increasing the number of critical steps and made an addition to one skill. Check it out!
  5. by   whatdidigetmyselfin2
    [FONT=comic sans ms]I challenged the test a few years ago and got my certification. It's good if u just want to start working. But when I tried to apply for the ADN/LPN nursing programs, I was told I needed to have a certificate of completion from a state approved course. So I ended up having to pay and take the class anyways even though I was on the registry.
  6. by   brneydgirl28
    When you go for the CNA I skills test, do you have to get every single step? If you miss a step, not a bolded step) do you automatically fail?
  7. by   macgirl
    [FONT=comic sans ms]I'm a nurse now, but being on the registry was enough, To get the point for the program. The Book will tell you what you need. But as I recall, you can't miss a Bold step, and and only so many of the others.
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  8. by   Austincb
    What book!
  9. by   macgirl
    Sorry, The state board prints a booklet. The skills and all the steps to do them.
  10. by   macgirl
    A class through a community college can be $500-$700 (in the end). You pay for the class $300, books $100, Uniforms $100, Stethscope kit $50 plus the cost of state exam $100. Sure getting things used can save some cash. But really the cheapest was it to challenge the class. If you fail you can always try again, (or take a class, one semester 5 hrs twice a week). The have free skills videos on you tube.
  11. by   mrsmommy
    You can challenge it but some of the nursing schools in NC require that you take a state approved CNA Training class as well as passing the NUrse Aide 1 State Exam and get on the registry to be accepted for admission. Most of those are in the $500 range and are reputable (to be state approved they have to follow state guidelines). You can get the Nurse Aide 1 Candidate book from Pearson Vue's website. Just download and print it off. I took a state approved class and passed the state exam this past Saturday (first try). It is not difficult at all. The written exam is mostly common sense but you can get a study guide (if you decided to challenge it) or you will get a book from your class. The skills are also easy, it's mostly nerves that cause people to fail a skill. They overthink and make a mistake or forget something and not correct it. You can ony miss a few non critical steps (that you dont go back and correct) but if you miss a BOLD critical step (and dont correct it before skill is finished) you will fail the entire SKILLS part of the state exam. You can pass the written and fail the skills. So, then you'd only have to retake the skills part. That is only $77, both written and skills is $101. Make sure you get the candidate book and read ALL of it. Vry important info in there regarding the exam.

    Good Luck! Its very easy, just dont get nerved out and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!
  12. by   cbgmommy
    I am wanting to take a 4 week cna class before i start college and try to get into a RN program(eventually). It is $375 to take the course...I have taken allied health courses in high school and plan to study from free online study guides...can I take the state exam to become a CNA without actually taking the 4 week course? And if I do that will I be able to use that to get into nursing school?
  13. by   macgirl
    My school just wanted to see you on the listing. Call the school and ask but talk to the RN program NOT the CNA people. At my school they were notorious for saying you couldn't challenge the test, when you totally could. I think there pay was some how linked to the number of students. I challenged and saved a lot of money. I'm an RN NOW, have been since Feb.
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