Call the General Assembly about the proposed budget cuts

  1. latest news on budget cuts: since 6/4/09, there is another version of the house budget that has even worse news. the house subcommittee deployed $64.2 million in federal stimulus money into the university budget (this is short-term/temporary money) and took permanent state funds away in an equal amount. there was an increase in cuts for 2010-11 by $59.2 million.

    that means that for 2010-2011:
    university system is facing an incredible16.1% cut
    community colleges are facing 14.2% cut
    department of public instruction will face 14.2% cut. (already the public schools are laying off teachers and short on supplies. classroom sizes are increasing. our children - our future - are being shortchanged.)

    on the capital front, there was a reduction of $25 million for the cancer research center for both 2009-2010 and again in 2010.

    as the budgetary news from the legislature continues to worsen, it's time to stand up together for the importance of public programs and services to north carolina families. the legislature needs to hear a strong message from state residents that it is necessary to invest in public services, and that it is necessary for the state to work harder to raise revenues equitably in this time of crisis.

    if you have concerns about the cuts that are currently being considered by the house so they do not have to raise revenues, please call and/or email your representatives today. do it today to support our colleagues who are in raleigh sharing our message with our senators and representatives.

    house 919-733-5757 919-715-3023 919-733-5906

    senate (919) 733-5621 (919) 715-3040

    governor (800) 662-7952

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  3. by   Aneroo
    They're cutting money all over the place. Maybe Mrs. Easley could give back some of the insane amount of money they used to go "explore the arts" in Europe or some of her incredibly high salary at NCSU.
    And yet I have to remember- it could be worse. We could live in California.
  4. by   Aneroo
    You know- I've never feared for my job as a nurse until I started working for local government. I live in a county that is very conservative with their budget and we're still having to freeze positions and risked losing a few jobs. They jobs that have been lost were due to cuts at the state level. I'm currently as a school nurse, so we're getting hit on both sides. We're usually the first to be cut from the school budget, and we're facing cuts from public health. In our system, we're losing a lot of teachers (not nearly as many as Charlotte- that's scary). It makes me sad. It IS our future we're hurting. I can drive on bumpy roads and pay more in taxes, but leave the schools alone.