Anyone working in Cape Fear Valley in Fayetteville? Any info?

  1. Hi all,
    I relocated to Fayetteville to live with my dear Ft. Bragg-based boyfriend and got a job on a surgical unit in Cape Fear Valley Hospital, will start later on this summer. I've never worked in this hospital before and I'm just plain curious to hear opinions about it--anything you could share is appreciated. I have read a couple of posts here and someone said the management was poor...I've also heard divided opinions from people--anything from poor to wonderful. I haven't read any very recent opinions, so I don't really know much. I think they've revised their management lately and try to achieve the Magnet status (or could I be wrong?? I think someone told me this!)

    Some people say I'm downgrading a lot as I leave my job in a trauma level-1 University Hospital and "Cape Fear is not that good" etc etc. but to me it's more important to be able to live with my boyfriend and it's still just a job. I'm happy I don't have a long commute and happy I will have a job in general! I'm just very curious how do people--especially nurses who actually work there--find this hospital. How do you find their benefits? What specialty do you work at? I will be working on ortho/gen. surg.

    Thanks! Any input appreciated!
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  3. by   1AlohaRN
    Hey Dogwalk,

    I am also relocating to Fayetteville this weekend! (I'm originally from there, but have lived in Charlotte for the past 6 years and just graduated from nursing school). I start July 20 and will be on the Progressive Care Unit in their new pavillion building. I know of a couple people working at CFV, and just like you said it's either wonderful opinions or horrible ones. But... the horror stories that I do hear are because of the bad management/organization that particular nurse managers on some units have. So hopefully, we'll be safe from that!
  4. by   mlmRN30
    My husband and I are moving from Hawaii to Fayetteville on 7/6. I would be very interested in hearing what you two think of Cape Fear after working there. I won't be working until October because I just had a baby but plan to start applying in August. Good luck to both of you.
  5. by   1AlohaRN
    Yes, definetely I will let you know! I'm excited, but nervous at the same time. How was it working in Hawaii? Do you know what unit you would like to be on at Cape Fear?