Anyone who works at Rex...quick question about job listing?

  1. We are hoping to move to Raleigh this summer....I was looking at Rex's site, and am confused with how they list Labor and Delivery.
    There are postings for
    Birth Center OR(Curious if that is strictly limited to the OR....would you simply be a circulator for all sections?)

    And another that is posted Women/Children's Labor and Delivery Dept-Delivery Room
    I've never seen postings that look like this.

    Usually they will say Labor and Delivery(not spec like Delivery Room or OR) I'm a bit confused.

    BTW I am a current L&D RN.
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  3. by   MendedHeart
    I do know that the Birth center is on the othe side of the building from the main OR. They have their own OR. So, I guess Its strictly Birth center. Not sure about other question. ALL I know is that Rex is a wonderful place to work
  4. by   Katie71275
    Thank you. I ended up not applying for that one b/c I wasn't sure if it was purely OR position in the BC or not...but did apply for a L&D position which was forwarded to the mgr, so I guess I will see where it goes. Thanks!