Anyone else for Spring 2011 at Mercy SoN?

  1. I got my letter today -- just wondering if anyone else has heard! I'm so excited!
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  3. by   SCA2012
    Congratulations! Was Mercy your first choice? I have heard wonderful things about them from reading various posts on this site over the past several months. I just got my acceptance letter for Spring 2011 from Mercy, today. Am confused about whether to go there or not, though, for a couple of reasons ... distance from home and whether or not a diploma progam is the best route among the top 2 ... got waitlisted for CCHS and am waiting to hear back from UNC-Charlotte, CPCC and Queens College/Presby ... Anyone have any thoughts about which route is better? Nursing Diploma, ADN or BSN? In any case, best of luck to you next semester and again, congrats! : )
  4. by   Purple Butterfly
    Congrats to you! I got my acceptance letter today, too. I really like this website. I've read alot on here during the past year, but just signed up tonight. Good luck to you.
  5. by   harley3
    I received my acceptance letter yesterday as well! So excited! Can't wait until January '11 & to meet you all...
  6. by   Purple Butterfly
    harley3, Congratulations. Can't wait to meet you all, too. Although, I think I have decided to join the May session. That will give me more time to figure out my bills, maybe save money, etc. My letter gave me the option to begin in Jan or May, did yours? I think May might work better for me. But I have until Oct 1 to decide.
  7. by   Ashersmamma
    I start in January at Mercy too! I can't wait to meet you all.

    A diploma allows you to take the NCLEX just like an associates does. You start work EXACTLY like somebody with an ADN or BSN. You can bridge to your BSN from a diploma & your starting salary is the same for all three from everything I have seen. Mercy is an incredible program. I have never heard ANY bad things about it from anyone besides former students who claimed it was too difficult. Their extremely difficult acceptance terms speaks volumes about the caliber of nurses they produce. I hope you choose Mercy!
  8. by   amyleadon
    for you that got accepted to Mercy, can you tell me what your points profile was. GPA, TEAS score, ACT or SAT score, etc. I am applying to Mercy starting in Spring 2012.