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Hello all, I wanted to know who all is planning on applying to the accelerated program at Winston Salem State starting in Jan 2012. I'm taking my pre reqs now and if anyone that has graduated or... Read More

  1. by   Monster41
    Quote from Nursetobe1
    I talked to the nursing department and they said not all emails have gone out. I gave her my name and she said she had no information on me. So I asked if that meant I was not accepted and she said she did not know that they were still going through applications. She did say that rejection letters will go out tomorrow.

    So do not get bummed out yet CDKJASSO....who knows what will happen. I thought I would be a good student for the program (3.4 GPA, As and 1 B in pre-reqs) but I have no heard anything yet.

    This is good news! Thanks for the post. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everyone on this awesome, supportive, informative message board!
  2. by   mmuaa32
    Thanks be to God, l also received acceptance email. l am excited and have waiting for this. l will be commuting from greensboro, so l guess others too who will be commuting we can plan and ride together. God is good.
  3. by   Kenthomas
    Hey yall, did they send it to your personal email or your wssu email?
  4. by   Monster41
    They sent it to the email that I put on the application. I don't have a wssu email.
  5. by   Kenthomas
    Well i guess its a no for me too. Maybe because im still taking developmental psychology. Anyone who is accepted so far, is anyone still finishing a prereq or have you all completed them?
  6. by   Monster41
    I finished all my pre-reqs but did you see the post a few posts up? Someone called WSSU and they told them that all the emails haven't gone out yet.
  7. by   Kenthomas
    Yeah i called too and she said that emails went out if they had it. Im sure i put mine so.....who knows.
  8. by   mmuaa32
    they did send it to the email l provided on my application. lhave all my pre-req done before l applied
  9. by   Kenthomas
    What i dont understand is why one prereq course that isnt even a science course would keep me out when i have a great undergrad gpa with a ton of science...and a doctoral level degree with a TON more human biology than anyone else would have...including gross cadavre dissection and about 20 different anatomy and in depth physiology courses! But not in because im still taking dev. Psych. So stupid. Sorry for my rant yall....just dissapointed.
  10. by   riturathee16
    i did not hear anything yet..i have all pre reqs with 3.89 gpa.
  11. by   riturathee16
    I think i will not get in....
  12. by   Kenthomas
    Well i guess i dont feel so bad...maybe its just not decided fairly....
  13. by   riturathee16
    I agree with you kenthomas..but are you sure all emails are out yet...