1. Im currently a junior at WSSU who has applied to the upper division nursing program. I am starting this thread hoping to help all applicants get some sort of idea on how they stand in regards of being accepted. If you have applied or have attended this years meeting, then you know the requirements and the importance of SAT/ACT score, science grades,(repeats hurts you bad), and overall GPA. I just wonder what a person should have for a good shot.
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  3. by   ErinJane1
    For the ABSN program, you need to have a degree first. I got into the ABSN program that starts in January. I have a bachelors degree in clinical lab science, a GPA of 3.6, But a low SAT score. But I had all the minimum. I also had all the prerequisite classes done. But if you are a junior trying to get into The traditional program I have no clue what you need to have. The ABSN program just need some good grades and a good GPA and a previous bachelors degree.
  4. by   shawnw315
    I actually do have a degree, a strong GPA, and the criteria met for my application to be acccepted. I am referring to how stiff the competition will be for acceptance upon entry for this summer. It would just be nice to have some idea on a person's chance of getting in.
  5. by   ErinJane1
    The ABSN only accepts students for starting in January of each year. Again, if you are looking at getting into the traditional 2 year program, that is just the BSN applicants you need to talk to. The ABSN is the 13 months course study that accepts students around October of each year to start in January.The numbers I heard of for this years ABSN program was somewhere around 500 applicants and I would imagine something like 60 accepted.
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    Im sorry I meant to title as undergraduate admission to BSN upperdivision, not ABSN. I wish I knew how to edit my post. I am an undergrad applying for admission into the upper div which starts this summer.
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    Hey ErinJane1,

    How was Winston this past year for you? Were you able to work and did you commute? I'm looking to apply next month?