Alamance Regional Medical Center New RN Grad Program

  1. Does anyone have any information on how to apply to Alamance Regional or Highpoint Regional New RN Grad Program in NC? I have searched here, google, the Alamance Regional & Highpoint Regional websites, I called the hospital to connect to the nurse recruiters and I only get their answering machine (left message) and have not heard back 2wk later. I can only find that they have the program but no application process, or application, or nurse recruiter phone or email. I am going to a health fair that they will be at, but it is a month away and I would like to have my applications done by then. I live 4hrs from the hospitals so I do not have any inside contacts. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.
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  3. by   Bella Luna

    I met nurse recruiters from these programs at a school event yesterday. The recruiter for Alamance said that they won't be posting any new graduate positions until January. I did not hear the recruiter from High Point say when they would post. She did hand out materials about their orientation program, including the fact that you will need to repay them for your training if you stay less than 36 months.
  4. by   mirandalpn8
    Bella Luna,

    Thank you SO much for the information!
  5. by   ChayaChameleon
    High Point Regional had a nurse recruiter at my school job fair a couple of weeks ago. She said the GNOSIS program for new nurses does indeed require a 36 month commitment and we would not see any new grad job postings until January 1st 2012.