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  1. Hi everyone --

    I'm new to these boards, just found them at work. I have a couple of questions re: nursing jobs in the area, particularly for experienced labor & delivery/postpartum nurses.

    My husband may be interviewing for some positions in the Triangle area in the next 3-6 months, and if he accepts one, then I will also be looking for work.

    I work at our regional perinatal center here in Upstate New York - level 3 NICU, residency program, the works. We do all the high-risk care, and average 4600 deliveries annually.

    I realize this compares with some of the hospitals in the Triangle area, although I'm also not sure I want to continue with the same type of high-acuity care... I may be just as happy to be in a level 2 hospital.

    I've been an RN for 12 years, almost all of it in labor & delivery/postpartum, but also have worked in the OR and am a certified surgical technologist and can scrub/circulate for cesareans - this may be the norm for level 3 hospitals in your area, although it isn't here... not many nurses here can do both.

    All that being said -- I'm reading on the boards here about how tough it is to find a job -- and am also wondering about salaries in the area.

    My base is $31, with a $5.25 shift differential cap (I work 12hr nights, and will be looking for the same...). How does this compare to what is offered locally?

    I see a lot of new grads struggling to find work, or nurses with lesser experience... how is the job market for those of us with experience like mine?? Should I still be looking to go through a recruiter, or will hospitals be interested in my resume as is?

    Thanks for any advice... I'm very surprised to see how few jobs there are out there, as there are always open positions up here. I expected it for my husband, but not for me!

    Thanks again - I appreciate any and all feedback!
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  3. by   ItsTheDude
    i'm not n the triangle area, but $31 hr seems kinda high, shift diff about right and 12's are avail at most hospitals.

    u have experience so the job market isn't gonna be as tough on you as it is for the newbies.

    i personally wouldn't bother with a recruiter in this tight employment enviroment, you're typically not going to be they're only choice, so they'll pick the cheapest (no recruiter fees). if u can't find a job, then go with a recruiter.
  4. by   Abishag
    Hey, I'm a new grad here. When I did my clinical rotations they were at the CMC-Pineville maternity center in Charlotte, NC. They have a level III NICU I believe. I know that the RNs in that maternity center can also scrub. I know the CNM's have been first assists and I believe I asked once and I think they said the other RN's can be first assist as well.

    Anyhow, $31 does seem steep around here. I'm guessing you'll be in the mid $20's. I know differential in all of Carolinas healthcare System is $3 for weekends and $4 for nights (or vice versa I get them confused). So you get $7 if you do weekend/nights.