North Carolina Nurse Education Scholarship Loan Program


I am trying to explore every way to become a nurse before I commit to a program. I am currently in a bachelor degree leading to a B.A. in Psychology.

I have not completed any of the science prerequisites.

If I complete this B.A. in Psychology, am I eligible for the North Carolina Nurse Education Scholarship Loan Program?

If so, do you know what nursing programs in NC participate in this loan program?

What are the requirements? (prerequisites, GPA, etc?)

Thank you.


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Has anyone done this loan program before? Has anyone researched the loan program? Is there anyone currently participating in this program and would like to share details about the loan program and the nursing program that you're in?

I think my main concern is that I won't be able to get this loan if I complete a bachelor in psychology and also that my GPA won't be acceptable for the loan program even if I am able to get it after completing a psychology degree.


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Hasn't anyone participated in this loan program? It's where you get a loan for being in a nursing program and you won't have to pay back the loan if you commit to working for a certain hospital for a certain amount of time. I think I explained it correctly. Someone correct me if I am wrong. haha :)


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I believe a few people in the program here at Duke have gotten this loan. Everyone in Duke's ABSN program already has a bachelor's degree so that will not effect your eligibility. CFNC has a list of eligible programs but it looks like the link is broken, I would email them. I imagine any accredited program would be eligible.

Is there a reason you want to complete the psychology degree if you already know you want to do nursing? It won't affect this particular loan but it will affect other financial aid you receive if you complete the degree.


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Thank you so much!

I am just so close to finishing the psychology degree. I am trying to find the quickest way to finish a nursing degree. I thought that it would perhaps be quicker to finish my psychology degree and then do an ABSN. Thoughts? Were the ones in your program able to pay for the entire nursing program through this loan or did they have to get other aid?

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Here is a link I found from the program itself:

it looks like it only gives a maximum of $5000 for a BSN. If you program is $5000 or less then I would say, yes, it would pay for the entire program. Otherwise, no, it would only take a chunk off of the cost and you would have to find other loans, etc to cover the rest.

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I got this loan yrs ago in nursing school. Unfortunately, I ended up having to pay it back because I was only "prn" at the job I accepted. Even though I worked 40+ hours a week, my PRN status was not considered full time by CFNC.

I will say the loan was easily paid off, not like another loan I used for the same amount that I'm still paying on...