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is this normal?

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Does FL issue temporary licenses? I can't find any info on their website.

I relocated to FL early summer after accepting a job. I turned in the last of my required docs in early May. Mine did include extra docs required due to a previous "discipline" - ugh I hate that word. It was a misunderstanding w an old employer when I first became a nurse - my license remained in good standing and I continued to be able to work and I just had to complete some online courses - had nothing to do with narc stealing or anything criminal at all just so y'all know. But anyway all my docs were received in early MAY.

The board meets every even month and I thought my stuff would be reviewed by the board in June. Nope. I kept in touch w the board all summer, and was told my app would be reviewed at the August board meeting.

Guess what?? My app expired on July 31st!! Literally just got flushed out of the system. Technically mine should've expired a couple months earlier (1 year from the initial app date) but it was left open because I'd turned in everything (and believe me I called them to make sure it wasn't expiring)and the board had to do their part.

their reason why it was flushed out NOW? Well, first they give me run around answers that make no sense. These people are literally paid to keep you on hold for an hour and then feed you excuses to your questions to get you off the phone ASAP. Eventually they tell me in more or less words that they are really behind with processing apps, and by FL statute mine expired. I need to submit a new app, and pay the $50 fee. All my extra docs related to my disciplinary hx don't have to be resubmitted.

ok. So you still have those on file but not my original application? 🤔 and you are willing to take more money from me? Hm. My app may not be reviewed until the OCTOBER board meeting. And here I am not working for nearly 3 months now. And I don't know how long my new employer will wait for me to get licensed. (I'm keeping in touch)

I understand very well that it may have taken me a little longer to get licensed due to the old reprimand on another state nursing license but I honestly did not expect my app to be reviewed by the board 5 months after I submitted all required paper work that realistically should've been forwarded to the June meeting, or at least the August one. And the excuse that they are "backed up" as their answer?

Is this even heard of?

Any tips or ways to expedite that I don't know about?

at this point I'm planning to get a non medical job for a few months so I can pay my bills until I actually get licensed, and am going to apply to new nursing jobs in case I lose my current offer due to the wait time I'm giving them to start working.

its absurd. I could've stayed in my previous state for another 6 months and been working still.

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Well, that sucks. If they do issue temporary licenses, I'm guessing you wouldn't be eligible due to your special circumstances.

It might be worth it to seek legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in BON issues.

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