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Normal to make mistakes?


Hi all. I'm a nursing student, and I got a job as a pct in a local hospital over the summer, where I was trained and worked full time for three months. Now that school is back in session, I'm done with training, and I work a couple days a week. I really try to do all my tasks well and "by the book". But I've been finding that I still make mistakes here and there like forgetting to document something correctly, forgetting a step in a procedure, or not noticing a vital sign in a patient that should have caught my eye until I see it twice. I'm wondering if this is normal because I haven't been doing this very long, or if there is something wrong with me if I'm still making these kinds of mistakes.

Feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

You are three months in. You will make mistakes. You will make mistakes no matter how long you have been in the game. What are you doing to ensure you don't make the same mistakes repeatedly? That's the key. Good luck.

Do you write things down? Get in the habit of making lists and trying to check things off as they get done. Sometimes it helps to have a little bit of organization since the floors can sometimes be chaotic.

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I'm a PCT in an ER and I don't do anything unless I know that I am doing it correctly. Get in that habit, try not to do things blindly. If you think you're missing or forgetting something, ask.