Noninvasive Cardiac Output Monitor

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Just wondering if anyone has gotten to play with the new Reliant Cardiac Output monitor? It basically works off of an ECG type measurement to pick up bioimpedance within the thoracic cavity. This new toy will give you CO, SV, SVV, SVR....all kinds of info just by placing a few patches and plugging in height, weight and age. Tried it out in a CABG to compare it to the PA catheter and got almost identical results. Used it the next day with a Vigileo and again, similar numbers. I don't know what the institution costs are, but sure had a lot of fun with it. I am interested in hearing other opinions.


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That's quite impressive. I just printed the article and will give it to our critical care doc when he makes rounds today. Our unit barely ever does PAs anymore because our doc isn't a fan of how invasive it is-- something like this might be a big deal around here.

They should work on licensing with Philips/GE to make it compatible with the extant monitoring system for ICUs.


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I've heard of noninvasive CO monitoring, but the closest we've come is PICCO, which requires calibration with a triple lumen catheter periodically and it uses arterial line waveform analysis to determine c.o., so a damped waveform makes it inaccurate. I've heard of this method, but not used it.

What's a Vigileo, by the way?

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