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Hey fellow home health nurses:

I have a question regarding non visit d/c. I case manage a LPN who will frequently see a patient 2 or 3 times before I do. On occassions the patient is ready to be d/c for goals met, referred to out patient therapy, non complaince, ect ect.

I have been asked to do a Non visit d/c on a patient, however, I feel uncomfortable and honestly not sure if legally I can functional questions (from the OASIS) if I never have seen a patient.

Do you do non visit d/c on patients you've never seen before??

Thanks for your input.


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By CMS guidelines it is supposed to be the last qualified person who laid hands on patient. This could be admission nurse if therapy wasn't in or last therapist not assistant in.


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I just did one on a patient admitted while I was on vacation and refused further nursing after PT had already submitted a discipline specific d/c. I completed the oasis based on phone comm (also included on comm note) and input from the therapist. If that isn't available then it's not assessed or not upgraded.


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There is an option for a telephone discharge but by cms guidelines the discharge OASIS is supposed to be done by the last qualified person RN, PT, OT T, ST who did a hands on assessment.They only oasis that can be completed by anybody without hands on assessment is the transfer oasis. Granted I have done this many times but this is what cms guidelines state.