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Non-traditional Shifts for Dancer-Wannabes

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by pnurseuwm pnurseuwm (Member)

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Everyone know that NYC is the dance capital of the world so I would expect that in this city there's got to be people that are both dancers and some how involved in health care!

Most ballet and modern dancers (full members and apprentices) have class and rehearse from like 9-5. I'm an RN interested in becoming more involved in my dancing and was wondering are there any types of nursing in NYC (specifically like long term care, home health care, etc.) where one could work shifts like 5pm-11pm or 6pm-12pm. These are not necessarily traditional 2nd or 3rd shifts but something in between. Do you all know any types of nursing which lends itself to a schedule like this?


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SteveNNP has 9 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in Neonatal ICU (Cardiothoracic).

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Sorry, not a dancer, but have you considered hospitals that offer weekend-only shifts? Some places will have you work every Sat/Sun and pay you for a full 36 hours..... they called it the Baylor program where I used to work.

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