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Has anyone done a non-NP review course in addition to Fitzgerald or the others? Fitzgerald is great, but considering an online PANCE review package also.


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I was also considering this. I listen to podcasts like physician assistant exam review. I was thinking of getting a PA review guide in addition to the NP ones I have.


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I recently tested and passed the exam. IMHO there really isn't a great benefit to doing a review course that is non-NP focused. Ere are tons of NP reviews available that will prepare you for the exam. I used several np review resources to prepare. Look at the test content outline. Passing the test is by mastering the content. You are not expected to know everything. It depends n what test you are taking (AANP OR ANCC).....but I would d the following

Fitzgerald CDs and workbook

National guidelines ....asthma, COPD, JNC7, Cholesterol,etc..

Hollier ...she has tons of stuff

Barkley...another great resource.

Family,,,,,,I used this and it was good because it gave rationales and similar questions to the test.

I also read Maria Leik's book, which was great for fast facts after studying all the content.

Know your content first...then practice questions will reveal you knowledge gaps. Read over anything that is published on test taking strategies for passing boards. That is extremely helpful. Part of doing a review course is being exposed to concepts and questions/wording that will be similar to your exam.

If you want to take a PA course after boards for educational purposes...that would be different, but going into boards focus on NP related information and reviews.

I hope this helps.