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Non-Matriculated Classes

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I am hoping to pursue a MSN of some sort but haven't quite figured out what I want to do for the rest of my life!! :uhoh3:

I want to find a university which offers completely web-based non-degree credit courses for graduate studies in nursing. So far, the only school that I've found that offers such a thing is the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center. (These classes are offered through the Office of Professional Development and Extended Studies. The program is described as "trying out" graduate education and simply involves registration for certain courses rather than a full application.)

My thinking is that if i take some core classes for a MSN (such as theory, research, advanced pharm, etc.), it will help me decide what I want to study and maybe make my course load easier once I start a degree program.

Has anyone done this sort of thing or know of any schools that offer classes like this? The majority I've found are aren't completely web-based or require that you pursue a MSN at that specefic school within so many years. Currently I am a traveler and not ready to settle down somewhere, but would LOVE to start taking classes. Any advice would be much appreciated!!! ;)

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Several years ago I was looking around and on the website of Drexel (I think when I saw it the nursing school was called the Hahneman SON, merger and/or name change since then; not sure) I saw where a person could take a certain number of credit hours without being officially enrolled for a degree program. It was for the BSN part but probably same criteria for graduate dept. You might want to look at their site. Sorry could not be of more help.

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