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Non-direct Patient Contact/Low Risk Contact Nursing Positions


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Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if I could get some pointers on nursing positions I could get given my situation. Basically, I'm wondering what sort of non-direct patient contact or if there is low risk patient care positions in nursing. Long story short, I'm a new RN with about a year of nursing experience, about half in ICU and half in med-surg. I've been on medical leave and now resigned for several months now due to a condition that requires life long immune-suppression.

Essentially, my question is, what sort of nursing positions can I consider that would pose a low risk to myself, and what would it take to get into that position? Would positions like a chemotherapy nurse be an option, or is that still risky?

Thanks in advance, appreciate any help and guidance.

You can try pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, life insurance companies, quality assurance teams, documentation nurses (not sure what they are called), legal offices and local, state and federal health departments.

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telephone triage has no patient contact 😃 utilization review could be good too