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Non-credit stats course?

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I am hoping that I can take an online statistics course geared for health care professionals this Summer. I am starting a terminal degree program this fall, and though a STATS course is not required, I feel it would be beneficial for me as I move through the program (it's been 10 years + since I have taken a STATS course).

I would like to take a non-credit course, as I only need the information, not the grade for credit. Unfortunately, my Google searches have turned up only "for-credit" programs that can be costly. The local community colleges offer regular math statistics courses, but I am really hoping for a course that is geared towards health care professionals. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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I don't know about non-credit with the exception of the online lectures/ podcasts for free from some universities or the online tutoring courses/self paced ones. However, I have not found one geared toward healthcare.

By the way, what doctoral program does not require statistics in the past 10 years or at least 5 years? Is it because the doctoral program has a course built into the curriculum?

The program has an advanced research/stats course built in to the curriculum. But since it's an MSN-DNP program, most of my classmates are less than 5 years away from their MSN program (and requisite stats course). I am 10 years + out of my program, so I just don't want to start at a disadvantage. These online stats for health care professional courses are expensive - the least expensive one I have found is $1200. I may just do basic stats courses through free online tutorials and hope I can get by with that.

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SummerGarden, ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in ED, ICU, MS/MT, PCU, CM, House Sup, Frontline mgr. Has 13 years experience.

I am 10 years out from an advance stats course and a year out from a graduate level healthcare related stats utilization course. However, I will still take an advance healthcare related statistical course prior to applying to a doctoral program just for my own educational enhancement. Yes, I agree that they are all expensive. I am planning to save up and take the course from one of my alma maters, a university that is also on my short list of choices to earn my doctoral degree.

By the way, does your employer reimbursement for education expenses related to your field of study? Do they provide educational grants or partner with educational institutions and receive employee discounts? My employer will cover a large percentage of the course I plan to take once I have passed it. Keep us posted on what you choose. It will help the rest of us. 🙂