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non clinical jobs: experience required

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it seems that all non clinical Nursing Jobs require clinical experience. fair enough.

it also seems that the only experience any one wants is hospital med-surg experience

am i seeing this correctly?

if a new nurse has to start out in LTC or nursing home it seems that that experience is worthless except for other jobs in the LTC and nursing homes and does no good for advancing a career into non clinical positions or even for getting into a hospital for that matter

any thoughts?

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It all depends upon the skill set (knowledge, ability & skills) required to perform that 'non-clinical' job. For instance, in order to perform a a case management job with an insurance company, you'd need a pretty thorough understanding of how hospitals work. For educator jobs, you need to have teaching expertise. Very few companies are prepared to invest a lot of time and money into training when there are so many people applying for their jobs.

I wish I had words of wisdom for you . .

Have you tried applying for acute care nursing positions at the hospitals in your area? If not, I would suggest doing this first. It's super competitive out there and experienced nurses like myself are having great difficulty obtaining non clinical nursing positions too. Good luck to you.

from what i have found you advice is right on target, acute care experience is exactly what is called for the problem is that at least in my ares clearater florida it is next ot impossible to get on at a hospital as a new grad RN. all of those positions go to current patient care tech employees who have gone to RN school.

I spent all this time and money getting an RN degree based on years of hearing "NURSING SHORTAGE, NURSING SHORTAGE" only to find out that the only shortage is in experienced and highly degreed nurses and the hospitals are not interested in developing new nurses. they want them ready made. RN school was a huge mistake, there is no work. its a shame

thanks for your reply