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I am trying to gather any information on the fundamental 1 course. I would like to do anything I can to get acquainted with the material before starting the course late January. I would like to speak with anyone that is in the class now, or if you have taken it - basically any information would be helpful.

I took fundamentals I in the summer and its just basic nursing material such as infection control, vital signs, legal aspects of nursing, abbreviations and terms, some nutrition and some other fundamental skills such as bed making so it you have your nurse assistant certification it will be pretty straightforward at least it was for me. It's not a super difficult class as long as you do your homework on time and study for each quiz and the final is a big part of your grade. Basically do really well in this class, strive for an A, and you will have a much better chance of getting into the program!

Hi BeJuled -

Thank you for your response I was wondering if the book (Fundamental Nursing Care) is a large part of the exams or class in general or is it mainly focused on lecture and notes as well as hands on skills? I just received my book and basically wondering if there is anything I can do to prep and get ahead. I will be working a full time job so anything I can do now would be helpful to my success in the class. Thank you for your time and so happy to have "met" someone who has recently taken the course :) I know it was awhile...

No Problem!

From what I remember we did use the book a lot, it's really helpful and a lot of the information from the tests comes out of the book but they will tell you what you SHOULD know and you'll be able to narrow down what to read and what will be on the test. It would be good to go over basic skills such as learning vital signs and buy your own stethoscope and BP cuff to practice because they didn't take very much time to teach that stuff. And also go over infection control measures and common abbreviations (they will give you a list and expect you to know them) that's all I can think of right know.... oh and the nursing process and documentation is a big part of it and most of the info they will test you on is in the book and lecture... so I guess its a combination of reading the book and the lectures!

Thank you so much it is really nice to be able to talk to someone who has been through it, I appreciate your time!! Are you finished with the LVN program or are you "in" right now?

I'm in it right now I started in October. It's awesome with some really good teachers!

That's great! I wish you well, but from the sounds of it I am sure you will be just fine :). I am hoping to continue and work my way up to a BSN. Slowly but surely :)

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