No PTO pay-out for me.

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I worked at a particular hospital for 3 mons. I realized after this short amount of time this hospital was not for me. I gave them a 2 week notice. When I received my last paycheck, I didn't get my earned 3 days of PTO. I called them and inquired about the missing money, and they informed me that I had to work a minimum of 6 mons. in order to get that money. I told them when I went to orientation the only two things that were mentioned (and in writing) regarding PTO was that you can start using it after 30 days of employment and how much PTO you get per pay period. The lady in HR told me that it is in our policy and procedure manual. I replied out of all the handouts and booklets that I accumlated in those 5 days of orientation (which was a lot), I can't find one thing addressing that. Her reply was we didn't feel it was relevent enough to put it in the handouts, but it's in our policy and procedure manual. Your welcomed to come and read it. If I had know that I would have calld in sick during my last 3 days of my 2 week notice. I know that I never see that money, but it just makes me angry. :angryfire When they were trying to get me to come on board, they promised the moon and the stars, but on my way out--well you know how the story goes.

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I dont know of anyplace(even outside of healthcare) that would pay out accumulated time until after a minimum of 30 days, and most places would be 90 days or more.

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