No $$ for NCLEX


Well, I got this email about registering for my NCLEX 1-3 months before I graduate. Problem: I don't have the 200 dollars to spare to pay for it at the moment!

I graduate on May 7th...and I think I'll get the money right before then or right after that. Does anyone know if that will cause any certain delay on my ability to take the NCLEX? I already did the first part (sending in my application to the state board) and got that cleared.

I'm in Missouri, if that makes any difference...

Meh. Money is annoying.

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We can't do the state board stuff until we have our transcripts, so a few of us plan on getting the transcripts as soon as they are released and driving to the state board place to hand in our apps. We were told hat we can pre register on NCLEX if we want, but that they won't make us an appointment until we have the Ok from the state. So it's pointless to pre-register.

That's in CO though so it could be different. Our Pinning Ceremony is on the 7th and College Graduation is on the 10th. Our director has it where nursing students get heir transcripts very quickly after, they are all rushed.