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Hi everyone! I am going to graduate in December from nursing school. YEAH!

I have been working on my resume so that I have it all done and ready before school starts back up in August - I heard from past students that it is one of our assignments for 4th semester.

So, I have read some threads on nursing resumes and followed the advice/guidelines. One concern I have is that I do not have any nursing/medical/externing experience. I applied to the hospitals that were hiring externs in the area, but did not get any of the positions.

I have been a certified massage therapist and nutritional consultant for the last 13 years before going back to nursing school.

What am I going to put in the "professional experience" category? Other than clincial experience, I don't have anything else that qualifies as "professional experience". :banghead:

Any suggestions?



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13 years of massage is therapeutic contact with clients... Nutrition consulting... many nurses have 1 hour of lecture on nutrition. Emphasize the patient care aspect of your massage experience as well as the teaching aspect of your nutrition consulting.

Start volunteering somewhere, so that you can put 6 months of volunteer experience in a hospital / patient contact setting.


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8flood8 - Thank you!:yeah:

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