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No hospital experience. Feel like I forgot everything I learned. Applying for new job.

by esbee esbee (New) New

Hello everyone, this is my first thread. I couldn't really come up with the best title, but perhaps some people feel the same way as I do right now or have gone through it.

Some backstory: I graduated from a CC and received my AA in nursing in May 2013 and passed the NCLEX in July 2013. While applying for jobs, I got discouraged and decided to take some time off, I'll call it a vacation to just travel and to get away from all the stress. Fast forward to August 2014, I started working part time at an adult medical day care center, my first job as an RN and I also went back to school/enrolled in a RN-BSN transfer program. I finished the program quickly this year May 2015 and kept working up until mid-August. My family had planned a month long out of the country vacation in the beginning of the year to go in September and I could not be gone for that log so I decided to leave.

So, now. After taking all this time off and having no sort of clinical/hospital experience while looking for new jobs now, I feel like how I did back in 2013. I feel discouraged all over again and feel nervous about applying for jobs.

I am looking for a hospital job at the moment. And also the medical day care center where I worked, I did vitals, injections and medication administration, a lot of documentation, etc. There wasn't really any hands on skills that you'd do at a hospital and such. I feel like I forgot everything that I learned in nursing school; it gives me so much anxiety and it just eats away at me. If I find a job, I don't want to look like a clueless idiot that doesn't know what they are doing... Some words of encouragement and advice would be wonderful.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Was hoping I'd get some responses by now. :/

Make sure you look for a job with a long orientation. That's all the advice I have as I'm a new nurse, but hopefully someone will come along with some more input. Good luck!