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PP began a no fly zone from 6 to 7 about a year ago. During that time no patients from L&D are allowed to be transferred to post partum.

This has created unrealistic expectations from PP and frustration from both departments. Patients come into L&D continuously- there is not a period of time when we can say stop for an hour and let us get caught up. When there us a delivered patient that we can move we should be able to move them not wait an hour. Which really becomes an hour to 2 because then it is change of shift and they recieving department will require time to get report. 


We cannot block transfers we have to keep the flow going from one unit to another. Maybe the process of admissions should be looked at. Maybe they can stream line what that looks like. Really the admission was done whe. They arrived in l&d so greeting the patient and explaining the unit routine and an initial assessment  is what's left.

I say a no fly zone is inappropriate for labor and delivery and post partum and the emergency department for that matter.  

It is appropriate that transfers take into account shift change whole the nurses are focused on report. And even then they may need to break out of report to tuck someone in. That is the nature of what we do. 


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When was a supervisor at a very high volume hospital, if we had to transfer a patient due to needing a bed, we would try to have the nurse stay over there with the patient and give report directly to the oncoming nurse. Now, if you have to transfer due to needing the NURSE, that can be a little trickier. Often, the nurse would give report to the offgoing charge nurse, and the charge nurse would then give report to the oncoming PP nurse.

I DO think it's okay to say "no transfers between 7-7:30" while report is happening. 

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