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No employment without "real" school!?

by MissKitty MissKitty (New) New Nurse

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I am a nurse with an MSN in Patient Safety & Quality and an MBA. I want to return to school for my PMHNP but it looks like I will have to start all over again, and take at least 5 years to complete that doctorate degree. I have found some online schools, that are accredited, and will give me credit for the MSN that I already have, despite the fact that I am not an NP. This will significantly decrease the amount of time that I have to spend back in school! However, I have heard from some that if I don't attend a "real" brick-and-mortar school, I will never find employment if I earn a degree as an NP from an online school. Is this true? Does anyone know of any "real" schools that do not require you to be an APRN to apply to their program, and give you credit for the MSN that you already have? I don't think that the issue is so much about online education, but rather the name and reputation of the university that is offering the curriculum. I am not trying to find an easy way to earn this degree, just trying to make a wise investment of time and finances. Thank you in advance for your comments and advice!

NurseKnope, BSN, MSN, RN

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Are you trying to apply for a DNP degree or a post master's MSN? I am currently enrolled in an ACNP post master's MSN with my first MSN being in nurse ED. I received credit for the classes I'd already taken (I was required to take the 3 P's for both degrees - patho, physical assessment, and pharm - and was given credit for these this time around since I'd already done them for MSNed, as well as some other random healthcare quality/nursing informatics type courses). I don't know about going straight into a DNP program with your current MSN. The DNP was not an option for me with MSNed because it wasn't a "practice" degree. The terminal equivalent was the PhD for MSNed.

As for online vs brick and mortar, there are a lot of posts here about people doing NP degrees online, and I think a lot of the problems people have is finding preceptors and also making sure the school is kosher for whatever state's boards you'll have to sit for.