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NMC UK - IELTS Requirement

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Hi!Good day, I'm from the Philippines and I am currently in the process of registering as a nurse in the NMC. I took the IELTS three times, 1 UKVI and then 2 Academic sittings and I was able to achieve the score of 7 in all areas in the last two sittings. I would just like to ask if you guys have any idea as to how I should fill up this part of the registration process as it is only asking me forone (1) test report form number.

Thank you very much.Bill Clinton Baban


Oct 23 by Klare Desteen

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Hi! i need help with my NMC registration so I can take the CBT. I was able to meet the IELTS requirement in 2 sittings, and i tried to accomplish the self assessment and eligibility page but there is no option there where i can provide my 2nd IELTS result. I tried to continue with the process using my first ielts result hoping that it would lead me to a page where i can provide my 2nd ielts result but there was none, instead, a notification was sent to me that my application was rejected. Has anyone passed through this stage with two ielts result?? plss help.

Input the highest score in each subtest that you have obtained from the two tests (ie Reading- 1st: 8.5 2nd: 8.0, drop down and choose 8.5). Do the same for the other tests. With the test report form numbers, input both TRF and separate it with a dash (-). I hope this helps.

This is the response I read from other thread. I hope this helps! :)