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NMC Lapse

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I need some advice re nmc lapse please...

I'm currently on maternity leave.

I live in rented acommodation and so any important documents are posted to my parents house.

I went on holiday for 3 weeks to visit my sister in Germany. Came back bank holiday Monday and then my parents kindly gave me the mail that had accumulated in the house as well as the mail that goes to their house.

In it was the letter to renew my nmc registration that was due by 31 Aug. I was too late.

I phoned the NMC and paid the fee and didn't think anything further.

Today (Saturday) I received a lovely letter from my band 7 saying that I was currently suspended from work due to not renewing my pin. They will review my position and suspend my pay.

I was absolutely gutted and upset with the letter as I had genuinely lapsed due to circumstances and I've been on maternity leave for months so not being in work didn't even think about it.

Has anyone else had a similar experience and does anyone know where I stand?


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XB9S has 22 years experience and works as a Registered nurse.

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I know this is difficult and I had a similar situation a few years ago. Unfortunately your contract will state current NMC registration, if you don't have it legally your not allowed to be employed as a nurse, now when it happened to me I phoned the NMC faxed the form and paid by card, they faxed temp registration to me and my employers were happy. Although they are much stricter now, I suggest you speak to your boss, the RCN and the NMC

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