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Hello all!

So I'm currently in the progress of gaining my pin through the NMC. Can anyone please provide tips/guidance on the NMC CBT! I've taken it once and failed. Walked out of the test thinking it was easy, then got the fail notification a couple hours later. Devastated! 

Honestly, to be fair, I didn't study as hard as I could/should have in preparation. For this second go round, I'm definitely preparing a lot more, but still feel like with some of the practice questions, I'm still like....what the hell?! And its either, you know it or you don't. I'm studying the Royal Marsden manual and reading up on the Code. But any websites with practice questions outside of the free ones that you can search on the internet. Honestly, I keep getting conflicting answers with majority of those questions anyways, so not sure which answer is actually right! It's so frustrating. 

Any help/tips/study guides would be greatly appreciated!



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