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NLNResults!! and...thanks!

by jamzie312 jamzie312 (New) New

Im pretty new to the boards, but since joining, I was able to get alot of helpful information and tips about taking my NLN Exam. I was so nervous, and read any kind of post I could about what to expect, what to study, how to prepare, etc.. well, it all paid off, and I want to thank everyone out there for the tips and advice that has been shared on this site. It means more than you know... your advice helps out more people than just the one person who posed the question.

I got my results back today, and thank heavens I scored in the 93rd percentile! Im very pleased, especially since I really felt disappointed after I finished the test and doubted that I acheived the 70th percentile (need for program consideration). I can see that all of the work and advice I found truly helped! Oh, and everyone was right about the amount of Physics/Electricity questions!! Good Lord!

Thanks again, and I look forward to being part of the forum and contributing to the group!



Were the helpful tips in this forum or another one? I would like to look them over myself. Did you use a study guide from the bookstore?


I did a search on the site for the NLN Pre entrance exam, and did alot of reading from other members posts about what was on the exam, how to prepare, etc. The book that was recommended, Review Guide for RN Pre Entrance Exam by Jones & Bartlett was extremely helpful. I only had about 10 days to study, so I devoured the book front to back and did all of the practice tests. Ive been out of school for 14 years so I had alot of brush up to do on Algebra and some science. I would say definetly pay alot of attention to the physics portion of the book, as there were quite a few questions on that.

I left the test feeling like I had completely blew it, and was even convinced I would have to retest. Its definetly a challenging test, but as long as you put some time in and prepare/review, Im sure you'll be fine too! Good luck to you!

My next step is to take a Chemisty class which I need, so Im planning to start that right after the holidays. Its a bit too hectic for me right now, and Im doing this all while taking care of 3 children.


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