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NLNAC accredited

I just found out that the CC I'm currently going to and was going to apply for the fall nursing program isn't NLNAC accredited. It is approved by the FL BON but I don't plan on sitting for Florida's boards.. I plan to move somewhere else

They do say that the college is accredited by Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools but they say nothing more..

How will this affect me later if I got my ASN through them?


Has 17 years experience.

Is the school new? NLN accreditation takes time, someone else may be better able to explain it but I think that a certain number of classes need to have graduated and show NCLEX pass rates among other things before getting NLN accreditation.

If they had it at one time and then lost it, well that's another story.

You can look up your school's NLN status on the NLN website.

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