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Does anyone have any advice for studying for the PAX exam? Study guides or programs?

I haven't been in school for years and am beginning the process of prepping for the PAX. I was more worried about math, and somewhat underestimated the rest of the exam. I don't mind dedicating time, at all - I just want to make sure I'm doing the most with it. Any advice would be VERY MUCH appreciated!

The "Review Guide for RN Pre-Entrance Exam" (red book) is great. I only had about 3 weeks to study and I managed to get 134. (My school only needed 103) I got mine from Amazon and it came with the CD which had hundreds of questions, a timer, and mock exams.

Awesome man! I bought McGraw Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams book.

I was apprehensive about the one you're talking about because I saw that it came out in 2008 - but, I'm going to purchase this one ASAP.

Any advice on how you structured your studying? Were you taking pre-reqs, etc?

It's great! I was taking Organic Chem during so that monopolized my time.

But I just broke it down by section. One week for only math, then science, then verbal. Dont jump around. And then at the end I took the mock exams.

I ended up scoring in the 91st percentile and got accepted last week!

Word of advice, although I am a strong english student that was my lowest scoring section. That would be your first part of the test. It will bore you. There is a lot of reading. Be aware lol.

Hey there, I run workshops for the NLN exam as part of my job (yay for tutoring!)

I got a composite score of 144 when I took the test for myself, school only required 100.

Here's some advice I have for you OP:

  • Get the red book, do the practice questions, and do them often. If you have an okay time with the ones in the book, you'll be well prepared for the exam
  • Give yourself ample time to study and review. Some have completed the test with as little as 2 weeks of study time and done okay, but they're generally great test-takers. Personally, I studied slowly over the course of 3 months. I could have used way less time but I wanted to be sure that I knew the material going in
  • Be prepared to time yourself on the test - the computer doesn't warn you if you go over time for one section - the 2 hrs is for all sections, so if you spend an hour on the English portion, it will leave you short for the math and science
  • Use Khanacademy for the math if you need some extra help. Seriously, it's amazing
  • Brush up on your vocabulary and be sure to practice your comprehension skills. Luckily, my English skills are strong so I did well on the test, but I've known others who failed because they took too much time on that section
  • Don't worry if you bomb a section - I got a 67% in the science section (which is usually my strongest subject), but it kept throwing lots of physics at me, and my proctor didn't stop talking:banghead: ... It was very hard to concentrate. However, my scores on the math and English sections made up for it

Good luck OP!!

Thanks so much, y'all! I did purchase the red NLN book, and began going through that. I downloaded the NLN PAX pocket prep app as well. I began studying with a tutor on the math in the red book - starting with the bare basics (painful) and working my way up from there.

I passed without any issues and scored wayyyy beyond what my school required. I'm now enrolled & start school in January :) when the real challenge begins!

So, if anyone is reading this down the line from now - this is what I did, so don't be intimidated by not being in school for years! Don't discouraged, and just keep pushing forward!

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