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Nln-pax Exam???


Hi. Can anyone please tell me what they thought of the NLN? I am taking this exam in February and could use all the input I can get or suggestions or tips that will help make this not such a big deal to me!!!

I heard from some people that there is nothing to it and then others say it is extremely hard, I guess it depends on how smart you are????

Please help!! :uhoh21:


need help with nln exam. Did anyone took it recently please especially with the vocabulary

Have you taken the test yet? I just took the test on wed...the vocab is difficult...there are ALOT of words I didnt know...(without sounding weird) I feel like I have a fairly large vocab, but there were many words I didnt know. Do you have the study guide?


yes I have the study guide, but i don't think it will help with the vocab lol. Thank you for telling me

All I can say is study your math! The NLN I took would not allow you to use calculators so you have to know how to work problems out on paper.

Also, get enough sleep the night before, its a long test. And, REALLY practice the RN NLN pre-entrance exam book, the questions are basically the same.

Good luck!

You can do it.

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