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NLN Exams


I have to take the NLN Adult Nursing, Pediatric, and Mental Health Exams prior to entering the LPN-RN program. I was wondering if any has taken these and how do you recommend I study for them.


Hey Nurse100, For the bridge program at the CC I attend we had to take a exam which consisted of 3 parts. Adult nursing, Childbearing and Pediatric care nursing. We didn't have to take a exam for mental health. I do reccomend study for the exam, a RN-nclex review book should help a whole lot, it did for me. I found that the adult nursing portion asked common sense question but the childbearing and the peds asked application question(what would you do in this case scenario, whats to be expected). Please let me know what is the passing score for the exam and how many times can a applicant take the exam, I'm intreseted to know. Thanks, I hope I was helpful. Good Luck and Congrats!

Thanks! I have the NCLEX-RN Review Made Incredibly Easy. I am a little nervous about the exam, I have spent the last 13 years in Long Term Care! The test is the NLN Acceleration Challenge Exam RN-BSN. The decision score must be 95 or higher, I don't necessarily understand but I guess this is equivalent to 75%. I can take the exam twice.

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