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Has anyone taken the NLN exam? How is it? What does it cover?

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I took the NLN 2 years ago before I graduated from school. The NLN was worse than the NCLEX. I hated it. The questions were stupid and worded badly. Unfortunatly, many schools now are using the NLN as regular test grades, or doing what my school did, and if you didn't pass by their standards on it, you wouldn't graduate until you did pass it. UGH!

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I just took it on May 12th. It is really not that difficut, but I totally agree with JenKatt. It is worded very badly. It tests your verbal ability, mathematics and science. There are 60 questions on verbal, 40 questions on math and 60 questions on science. It takes about 3 - 4 hours to complete.

When are you taking it? If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask!

I have to take the NLN before I can even apply for the nursing progams. I went to Hastings book store and paid 16 dollars for a book to help me prepare....good luck

I had to take the NLN before I was accepted into the nursing program. We had to make above a particular score to be accepted. I remember that some of the questions were hard--I actually had some electrical questions on it and trust me, I had no idea how to answer those. The book store at my community college sold old NLN exams that were no longer used as study guides. It cost about $12 or so. Don't fret it and good luck.

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Let me clarify something. There are different NLN exams. There is the one that many schools amke you take before getting into school. Then there are ones that are nursing school specific, adult health nursing, pediatrics, etc. Those were the tests I was speaking off, not the basic skills test.

Thanks for all the info...I'm sorry I forgot to mention what NLN exam I was asking about. The comm. college here requires us to take the NLN before going into the ADN program.

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