NJ RN and relocating


Hi everyone,

My husband might be getting transferred to CA for his job in the next few months ( we will find out in Feb.)

We currently live in NJ. I have a few questions that I hope you guys can answer for me.

1) I have an Associates Degree ( currently in school for my bachelor's). Do the hospital's there hire Associate degree RN's?

2) If not what are my options on where I can work ( nursing homes, etc.) until I finish school.

3) What is the average approx. pay per hour I should expect out there? I have 5 1/2 years experience and am telemetry and cardiac certified.

Thanks in advance.

Any other information you have that might be helpful is greatly appreciated!


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Im also moving to CA at the end of the year, i have been researching on different hospitals. First of all it depends what areas you guys are moving to. For example the pay in LA, SD, SF is totally different. With your experience i don't think it will be hard for you to find a job or do agency while you searching for a full time position, UCLA has few PER DIEM open $53/hr, Full time $36/hr. Hoag, Huntington Memorial $ 29-43/hr. I mentioned the 3 hospitals coz those are the ones im interested in. Most hospitals prefer BSN but they do consider ADN and u r working on your BSN that is a good thing.

Maybe the nurses who already work in CA can give you more insights, Im looking forward to hearing from other nurses. Im kinda having a hard time on which place to apply to. IM open to Santa Clara, San Diego and Orange County so anyone with info please share on any good areas to live with reasonable rent and which hospitals to consider. Thank you in advance.