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NJ/PHIL Hospitals That Accept ASN??



I am currently in a dual degree program in Florida. I’m taking ASN and BSN classes at the same time. I graduate with my ASN in December 2020, and with my BSN in August 2021. I want to move back to my home state in NJ. I live near Cherry Hill, so I am wondering of any hospitals near that area or in Philadelphia that accept ASN level new grads? 

Not sure if you’re still looking but I graduated with my associates in December 2019 in Pittsburgh and struggled to find a job in South Jersey and Philly. I ended staying in Pittsburgh to do my BSN and get some job experience.

I got a few interviews with Einstein and Jefferson. Apply for a NJ license and get one if you want to look for NJ jobs. It seems like NJ will simply turn you down if you don’t yet have an active license.