NJ LPN Scope of Practice


I got my LPN license in August (2010) and was hoping I would've been sent a Scope of Practice with it. I've tried to look on the BON's website to see if it's posted on there and it's not. What is posted on there is an algorithm guideline, which doesn't explain what the scope of practice is. I've contacted the BON and am waiting for a response back. Not sure how long it'll take, but I was wondering if anyone had a Scope of Practice they could forward to me. I'd like to have it so that I not only protect myself, but so that my facility doesn't have me do things that I'm not supposed to be doing.


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Thanks for responding, 2bnurseplease. I saw that posted on the BON's site also. It's very vague and talks about the requirements to open a school, etc. It doesn't go into the scope of practice.


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It's completely obnoxious that the NJBON talks in circles and never once gives you a straight answer I've been searching for the lpn scope of practice but can't find it!